Do anybody knows Ninjas in Pyjamas map pool?

I decided to analyze their map pool as an attempt to see if their inconsistency online can be due to the map pool. Probably not, but I will write about their map pool anyways. It is good to keep track of the teams’ map pool as you will find betting opportunities. What I do is that I walk through esportslobby and find the cs go betting sites that are slow in adapting to teams’ map pool!

What is cool with NiP is that they can win on all maps (but also lose…). Looking at statistics for 2016 – their worst map is Mirage and Dust2. And I am not accounting for Inferno that isn’t in the active duty map pool as of now!

Mirage and Dust2…

With a win-rate of 57.9% on Mirage and 57.1% on Dust2 these to maps aren’t NiP’s strongest. Remember that winning over half of the games are good, but the team is a tier-1 team so you will see a high win-rate on most maps!


It is not a bad map for them, but one that they chose often. They have won 13 out of 20 matches which is decent, but 20 matches on Train for the last year isn’t showing that they like the map at all!

Overpass and Cache…

Both are maps that they are good at, with a win-rate over 60% on both. They have also played the maps a lot of times.

What is funny is that most analysts will say that NiP is completely dominating on Cache – while the statistics doesn’t really say that. Sure, they have played some completely insane and impressive matches on Cache. But they have only win a bit over half of the games on Cache.

Forest even mentioned that they aren’t really comfortable on the map. I think that they are good at it – but cs go betting sites might overexaggerate the odds on NiP when Cache is being played – keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Cobblestone and Nuke…

Cobble is one of NiP’s favorite maps statistically, winning almost 70% of the games both for the full year 2016 and the last three months.

However, the prize goes to Nuke. The ninjas probably had an early Christmas party when they heard that VALVE replaced Nuke for Inferno! They have an impressive 81.3% win-rate for the full year. Even after the map changes they are continuing their domination on it.

While other teams are using the map either to scare their opponents or banning it! NiP must be the only team comfortable on the map.

You can also go to reddit for csgo,


Gaming Glasögon Gunnars


Testade precis en kompis gaming glasögon som han vann via en tävling på nätet via “fb”, borde utan tvekan beställa ett par själv!! billiga gaming-glasögon hittar du genom att klicka här

Fast om du vill gibba games som behöver ha mycket FPS, såsom CS:GO,så kan det faktiskt beröra ens FPS och annan metrics på din PC. Ibland kan det även vara svårt att urskilja färgerna lika bra. Så det betyder att att jag faktiskt gillar gaming glasögon istället för programvara, men det är enbart min personliga reflektion och det kanske kan vara så att det icke funkar för för just er!

Spelglasögon använder man för att minska röda och oroliga ögon om man sitter och gibbar CS längre tider, vilket ibland ge upphov till sömnsvårigheter samt andra svårigheter.

Ett flertal  duktiga spelare nyttjar dem för att kunna lira längre, och under långa timmar. Du kan finna massvis med exempel, som rest ifrån NA’VI. Förövrigt så kan man hitta massvis av fakta på internet om Glajornas faktiska fördelar.

Ett flertal alternativ som ingenjörer ofta talar för är mjukvara som F.lux eller tillgänglig programvara i vissa spelskärmar, det kan funka ibland när man gör vanliga saker på konsolen, till exempel titta din mailbox alternativt browsa på chrome.

Men om ni tänker lira spel som du vill ha hög frames per second, t.ex LOL,så kan det ibland förändra ens Frames per second och/eller andra värden på datorn. Dock är det svårare att urskilja färger när allt blir tonat.. Så med andra ord kan man säga att jag i slutändan föredrar gaming-glasögon innan gratisprogram, fast det är min subjektiva åsikt och det kan ju hända att det inte är intressant för just dig!

A guide to CS GO betting

Are you looking for expanding your betting into CS GO? The first tip I can give you is that you should probably not bet on CSGO if you do not know the basics of the game. Why? Well it is just as anything else, if you want to win on betting you need to do research – and it is hard to research something you ultimately do not understand.

First of all, you need to understand the basics of betting in general:


  • Never go all-in


This is not the way to make money on any gambling.


  • Predictions and analysis are good but subjective


You can always save time by reading up on others analysis of matches – but keep in mind that it is nothing but other people’s opinions. Find the predictors that provides with information not guesses.


  • Do not bet on everything – know the teams and players


It always boils down to knowledge. Do not look at the odds. Look at the teams and players – who will win? Then look at the odds, and see if your prediction (a.k.a. risk) is worth the reward. If not? Well then read #4


  • Skipping is betting.


If you do not see any good risk/reward situations? Just skip… skip skip skip!

Read this full review on how to bet on CSGO – I agree with most of that!

So is there any difference between CSGO betting and other betting? Well, no – and that is the point I am trying to make. The only difference is what you can actually bet ON and where to bet, which is sports specific. If you haven’t yet, check how this list of CS GO Betting Sites that these guys put out, it’s a great list for esports betting!

Another difference is that you can bet with skins. But I won’t go into skin betting as I am myself only working with cash betting – which I believe to be more legit.

If you keep yourself disciplined – only betting the same percentage from your cash pool, only following reasoning and always research, it will be harder to lose than to win! It is so simple do make money on betting. You just need to be disciplined and that is the problem with most – they are irrational when betting.


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